The Executive Search Process

The successful executive search is tied to well conceived planning and research... and flawless execution.

We understand each search is unique and personal.  Knowledge of the client and the client's company is critically important.  We invest the on-site time to assist the client in defining the position requirements.  We also gauge the style and philosophy of the company's management team.

Our goal is to exceed, not just meet, expectations.

When we are confident we understand both the culture of the company and the client's needs, we begin the candidate development process.  This is done by the creation and execution of an agreed on strategy, targeting specific market and company requirements.   Clients count on us to quickly surface the highly qualified candidates, especially those who may be less than obvious.

We are known for our systematic, in-depth interview techniques and 360-degree referencing process.  No stone is left unturned.  The information we provide is complete, objective and relevant.  Helping clients avoid the wrong decision is as valuable as making the right decision.  A candidate who is technically qualified but cannot fit into our client's culture is of little value.

While identifying and assessing candidates is critical, the final placement of the executive into the client's company is often the most challenging segment of an assignment.  Our clients are extremely confident in the expertise we have developed through years of negotiating and bringing each search to a successful conclusion.

Youngs, Walker & Company