Success in completing assignments depends upon accessibility to our clients and the degree to which we communicate as the search progresses.

We believe communication is the key element to building lasting business relationships.

We tailor our communication to the specific needs of our clients.  In this way, we can keep them fully apprised of progress, as well as seek and cultivate effective feedback during the search.  This enables us, as executive search counsel, to refocus elements of the process, if needed.

Our clients tell us they want to be able to draw on the many experiences and insights we have gained performing other searches.  They want us to inform them about important management and organizational issues, as well as the latest trends in benefits and compensation plans.  This is particularly helpful during the often delicate and sensitive process of negotiating the final job offer.

Although the search ends, the communication continues.  We maintain contact with the recruited executive, as well as the client, to assist with a smooth transition and to follow future progress.

Youngs, Walker & Company